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Thank you for visiting Controlled Surroundings Inc.

Getting to know who we are:

Our main offices are located in Michigan, with people in North Carolina, and Colorado.

From time to time we field a mobile unit so we may be in your neighborhood learning more about what you need.

We are veterans of many industries that you would recognize. We have cut our teeth in production environments and know the stress of getting the job done to collect your pay.

Rather than acting like "replace-men" we look at the larger problems and fix them at their root.

A large company's brand name, dosen't always mean things work the way you want them to.

Sometimes problems appear between good equipment from different manufacturers. Sometimes they were not set-up to play well together. We do that too.

You have spent a lot on equipment to meet your obligations and don't need the hassle of tending it continously.

There are enough things going wrong, you don't need to be fighting with the very equipment that is suppose to be helping you make your living,

We enjoy what we do and are pretty darned good at it. If we don't perform, you won't be back, so we give it our best.

Thanks for taking the time to learn more about Controlled Surroundings Inc.

And, a small thanks to one of our heros:

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