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Welcome to Controlled Surroundings Inc.


The people of Controlled Surroundings have been in the Automation and Electronics industry over 25 years.

We come from military electronics, automated material handling, robotics, aircraft simulation, and plant instrumentation and control.

We offer that experience to you.

We are striving to become your source for efficient repairs and new systems to keep you moving and making a profit. Todays environment requires more automation to compete successfully.

Our roots are in repair and service. During the course of fixing other's designs, we see opportunities to improve on what is generally being offered.

In some cases, improvements have been possible because of newer technologies.

In others, the designs were not refined for ease of service when they were not reliable enough in the first place.

We constantly work on new applications that keep you moving.

We won't try to get you to just buy new gizmos.

We work to keep your investments productive by upgrading and refining what you already own.

You have a lot invested in the systems that you already own...

Give us a chance to help you get the most out of them.

Choose one now to see more!


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