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The BladeSaver
The BladeSaver is an add-on system to your concrete saw.
It was developed to address the need to compensate for the differences in operator technique that led to premature diamond blade wear.
Diamond is unique material. It is extremely hard and ideally suited for cutting concrete. The problem is that you have to attach it to the steel blade somehow. The bonding material can only handle so much pressure before you start stripping the diamonds right off of the blade.

In an effort to cut faster, some operators "crowd" the blade too much and you see highter blade consumption. Ever notice that you have one or two operators that can get significantly more life out of a blade than the others? They have the "touch".

The BladeSaver automates that "touch" by controlling how much drive can be applied to the saw based on load on the blade. Once you gain control of that variable, you can optimize your blade life and gain considerable profits from otherwise wasted blades.
$$$ Diamond Blade

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