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Overview of Gen Feed Sensors

GEN 7 Universal Sensor

Because of the programmability and the adjustability of the Gen series of sensors, they will function on a variety of different paver brands and models. Blaw-Knox*, Cedar Rapids*, CAT*, and others. They support variable, on/off, Pulse with modulation, and data stream outputs. Each sensor can support multiple outputs so that it can be used throughout your fleet. It is also possible to adapt them to models previously using paddles.


The benefits include cost, the ability to maintain them, their adaptability to your diverse fleet, the ease of use, and the durability. They are designed to replace products from Sauer-Sunstrand*, Moba*, Thermo Ramsey*, Blaw-Knox*, EDP*, Sonomat*, and others


Here you will find a brief history of the development of the GEN series of sensors. Why not replace non-functional or expensive-to-maintain sensors, with the current GEN series. They replace many types with added benefits.

Data Sheet

Understanding the technical details of using and adapting GEN sensors to your system. Instructions, Dimensions, and tips for mounting.

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