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The Hopper Eye
The HopperEye is a device that helps you with filling:

Filling whatever hoppers you use! Paver, batch plant, transfer buggy, etc...

The bright column of lights give operators the feedback they need.
It allows them to effectively fill a hopper they can't see very well.

The original was designed to aid a driver when unloading to a paver.
No need for the constant monitoring from the paver operator.
It allows the paver operator to concentrate on what your paying him for: laying good mat.
This is especially important when working with live bottom trailers.
They are too far away to have a good view of the hopper in their mirors.
They can adjust their unload speed effectively on their own.
No need for constant feedback from the operator.

Another good use of the HopperEye is at batch plants.
It aids a loader operator can't see into an elevated hopper.
A GEN feed sensor "watches" the hopper. It reports the level on a easily understood display.
The levels can sensed between 6 inches and 15 feet.
The signal can be sent to other systems for remote monitoring or interfaced with automated control systems.
All that, and you can still use the sensor as a spare on your paver!

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