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The Sensor Saver

The Sensor saver is a assembly that is added to your existing sensor body and saves you the trouble of having to replace those expensive sensor elements when the "detachable" arm dosen't.
If you have used these units for any time, you know that they can get bent. Bent Pot (Sensor)
You know what that means:
A paver that has lost automation,
A trip back to the shop,
Re-soldering a new, multi-hundred dollar pot back into the unit,
and then you get to wait for the sealant to harden before you can use it again,

For the price of the spare that you probably already have to stock, you can have a durable grade sensor that can be repaired, on the machine in about 5 minutes. You only have to remove the 2 snap-rings that hold the SensorSaver together and slide in a new, inexpensive shaft piece, and your running again. No other changes!
The additional protection attaches to the existing mounting holes and does not modify the original unit in any way other than add about a 1/2 inch of length on the face. The only real difference is that expensive, time consuming repairs go away. You could go back to the original setup in minutes if you wanted to (six screws and the retained faceplate without rewiring or re-sealing).

No need to abandon your existing system for an expensive upgrade when you already own one that can be made to work great.

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