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The SmartSlope
Like many of Controlled Surrondings products, the SmartSlope came about because of unacceptable failures of hugely expensive OEM units.

Unlike the days of old, slope or inclination sensing dosen't have to be an expensive proposition.

Older technologies relied on a suspended weight in a chamber of oil. They require finickey adjustment and were not particularly rugged.

If you had a failure in the seals for the oil chamber, the sensor became extremely fragile.
Imagine a 1/4" steel ball bearing suspended on a .010" spring steel wire. It didn't take much of an impact to bent the wire and totally ruin the calibration of the sensor. One bang on a desk and the thing was headed back to the repair facility for a not-so-inexpensive rebuild.

Modern technology had miniturized these sensors to microscopic scale. They have built in bump stops and can handle upwards of 1000 G's of force and not change calibration. They are relatively inexpensive due to the high volume use in automotive air-bag systems.

We have designed replacement internals for your slope sensors that interface just like the originals.
All of the performance without all of the cost and fragilityObsolete Slope Element.

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