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Repair Facilities

One of the strengths of Controlled Surroundings, is our ability to repair things.

As you likely have seen by now, that's how we got started

We maintain a complete shop for the repair of electronic asssemblys.

Sometimes, its nothing more than replacing connectors or building cables.

Other times we are called on to integrate one system with another.

Because of our varied backgrounds, we look at a lot of equipment that others will not fix..

Occaissonally, we find a piece of equipment that we can not economically repair. Sometimes the parts are sealed to the point that repair is not an option. Sometimes proprietary software limits what can be done outside of the factory.

When we find situations like that, we are not afraid to tell you so. and of course, you don't pay for us to look at it..

Whether you just want to get a part repaired to put back into service, or you want to free up your people for more productive work, please consider contacting us to help you out.

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