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Controlled Surroundings has the talent in multiple diciplines to perform repairs that can help your machines running. Our electronics background leaves us quite capable of repairing and maintaining most control systems. When we're not able to help, we are not afraid to tell you so.

We have an electronics and a machine shop for prototyping, development, modification, and small fabrication.

The situation that we search out most is when we see or hear about repeated failures on some portion of an established control system. We then develop a scheme for testing and determine the best way to repair or redesign to eliminate the weakenss. Here are examples of some of our more successful programs

BK Ultimat Screed Heater system:

SSR Box Ultimat Controller

SSR boxes and Controllers ARE rebuildable

Automatic Grade/Slope Control:

AGS Grade/Slope Controller AGS Slope Sensor

Controllers and SensorsARE repairable



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Some images represent products that are not originally produced by Controlled Surrounings Inc.. We repair and update those products. Images used for reference.

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